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who we are

We are lovers of colour and wonder and love keeping alive our childhood memories of sticky fingers, sweet treats and long days spent playing, imagining and laughing.

Mybella Meringues is a local Sydney business passionate about sharing our delicious treats that will surprise and delight with every bite. Born out of a stubborness to let go of childhood joy and magic, our meringues have a way of sparking happy memories by playing on familiar flavours with a modern twist. Always exciting and never dull, our mission is to give you a new experience with flavoured meringues resulting in happy tastebuds and smiling faces.

Saving the world one meringue at a time!


Our treats

Mybella Meringues: beautiful to look at and beautiful to taste! They're also made with quality ingredients, delicately infused with flavours that stimulate your sweet side and food memories.  We use local free range pasteurised egg whites, and a combination of natural fruit flavours, herbs, spices and essences. 

Currently in the Mybella Meringue range are meringue kisses, twists, pops, large meringue nests, along with gift boxes and seasonal products.

In addition we offer customisation for corporate and weddings or special events. Best way is to email us to discuss your event and how we can help. 



our mission

saving the world

one meringue at a time


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